Friday, March 19, 2010

Chanel Accessories and The White Rabbit

With the release of Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, accessories with that theme are everywhere.  But, it isn't like its the first time that  such things have been available or popular.  I blogged about it in 2008 when I got my hands on the 2007 SS Printemps Chanel White Rabbit pin.  The thing is so overwhelmingly cute.  Its just adorable.  I bought it because when I was a teen I had a white rabbit as a pet and the pin reminded me of him.  Lately, whenever its left the house with me I get bombarded with "I want that, I need that and where can I get it?!"  I've been combing the net trying to find real ones for sale and I just haven't been able to do it.  I just can't find any to send to my friends so they'll quit plotting to steal mine.  But, I have had success with finding similar pieces!

One of my favorites is the White Concrete Rabbit by lulubugjewelry on Etsy.  Its high-grade silver with white concrete set into it and on a silver chain.  Its got the same cute vibe as the Chanel one, but instead of being a pin it is necklace.  I like it.  It looks like it would be fun to wear.  It is related to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, it isn't so clearly from it that it can't stand on its own.  I'm not a huge fan of the Disney Couture jewelry line and wearing referential pieces like this seems like a much better plan.  Once the hype of the movie is done and gone, no one's going to roll their eyes at this necklace.

Another favorite is the Silver Flying Rabbit from CosmicFirely.  Its so steampunk, I love it!  Okay, so "steampunk" is a style movement of stuff that is industrial looking combined with Victorian design elements.  So, like an alternate version of history where advanced technology is present in Victorian times.  A silver rabbit on flight wings is exactly that, plus being cheeky and fun.  Its not exactly ALICE IN WONDERLAND, but its got the white rabbit and the hype of the movie will die down but this pin will still be great to wear.  No one is going to point at it and ask "oh, you like the movie that just came out?", but instead "that's cute!  Tell me about it!"  Its not easy to find unusual pieces like this, so you'd probably also be the only person in the room with it.  Hey, a piece of jewelry that makes you smile is always in style.

Sure, finding the 2007 P Chanel White Rabbit pin may be pretty much impossible now, but there are similar options available.  While it ties in to a popular movie, the white rabbit is such a classic symbol (MATRIX, anyone?) that it won't go out of style any time soon.  And, its cute.  You can't beat cute.

Top picture is my own, other pictures are from Etsy

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