Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brian Reyes and The Search For The Spring Dress

Meh, I'm still wandering around looking for spring/summer dresses that I like.  There are millions of dresses out there and I always feel like I need to see what's out there before I really decide anything.  There are so many great designers out there that don't get much press even though they make wonderful things that I'd absolutely love to wear.  I have no idea why they get largely ignored, but it means I end up spending lots of time cruising around the 'net looking to see what I can find.

One of the designers that is a great new talent but gets kinda forgotten is Brian Reyes.  He's an American designer that shows at New York Fashion Week.  He occasionally gets featured in magazines but not with any regularity.  That's pretty disappointing considering he makes some cute, wearable clothes.  He's one of the few designers that isn't afraid to use print and color and I totally love it.

In his Spring Summer 2010 show he had a whole series of dresses in a shagreen print.  Shagreen is the textile from stingray leather, it has a kind of pebbled/mosaic print.  Its a really beautiful natural material and I've never seen that reinterpreted as a fabric print.  Not only is the print of these dresses cute, but the cut is too.  They're cut to be flattering and young, perfect for spring.  They look like they would be great on a young woman, I like that they are sexy without being revealing.

It seems that some of the other prints in the runway show are inspired by the Rorschach test.  Designers are always doing prints like that but what makes this ink blot print so cool are the colors.  The colors just make me smile, they are fabulously youthful and spring.  I love this dress, only I want to make it about 3 inches longer (or, since I'm shorter than the model it would hit at the spot I want) and then put a contrasting belt over it.  That is exactly the kind of things I like to wear.  I know I probably shouldn't say this, but that print looks great for disguising random food and coffee stains and like if it was a really hot, sweaty day you wouldn't be able to tell.  Probably not what most people think when they are looking for a dress, but lets face it, its reality.

Brian Reyes is a wonderful Columbian-American designer who is making beautiful clothes for young women.  I know, these dresses aren't really for everyone because not everyone wants to wear bright ink blots all over them, but they certainly fill a void in the fashion world.  I'm excited to watch how his career progresses, we can't have enough designers that aren't afraid to take risks with color and print!

Pictures from Style


Clare said...

Great choices, love the last one.



Soumia N. F. said...

I adore the inkblot idea! (psych major lol) & i love how you mention the practicality of hiding stains especially coffee.
i'm totally following -- lovely blog :)

Margaret said...

im going to try and layer spring dresses with other things this winter :) southern hemisphere - wooo :)
love xx

shoulderache said...

Thanks girls!

That last dress is so cool, I'm going to try and figure out where it is stocked at. With the right layers, it really could be an any season dress, one that I could dump coffee on without worrying. :-)

Raenard said...

Brian Reyes Spring Collection is amazing. Its perfect for the modern chic woman. I especially love the prints.

Manuela N. Harper said...

Thank you for describe article for the spring dress. Really appreciable , worthy. Can't be ignored. Hopping to have a one just like this.Thank you for shearing.

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