Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gardem Paris: Creepy Goth Couture

The world of fashion is always full of people striving to end up at the top of the proverbial fabric heap.  Gardem Paris is one line that is certainly trying its best to scale up on that crowded mountain.

The Paris-based line is not to be confused with "gardening" like google would have you believe--instead it was founded in 2002 by Garem Demerdjian.  He is from Lebanon and has won numerous distinctions, such as being sponsored by Cotton.  Although the line is based in Paris, the collection is shown during London Fashion Week and is sold internationally at high-end boutiques.  Clearly, the line's inspiration is good ole creepy goth attacks Lady Gaga, which right now is probably the hottest thing on the market.

Garem seems to work primarily in black, white, taupes and golds, leaving his design work to do the real magic for the clothes.  If nothing else, Gardem is inventive and actually makes interesting looking gowns.  During the last runway show there was a dress with a giant spider crawling over the model's shoulder.  I find that spider so detailed and oddly realistic that is absolutely creeps me out.  Clearly, most of the dresses for that runway collection were designed to be worn by Lady Gaga.  But, not everything was so entirely outlandish and unwearable--there were some legitimately cute cocktail dresses that more average people can wear and pretend that they are channeling Lady Gaga.  It is really exciting to see a designer show a couture collection where some of the looks are entirely conceptual and then in that same runway show see those looks reinterpreted into dresses that someone like me could wear to a cocktail party.  This is not an easy feat and really makes me think that this line will continue gathering steam and get to the point where I can walk into Barneys and actually buy it!  Here's to hoping!

Pictures from Gardem Paris

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