Saturday, March 13, 2010

Go Exotic With GiGi Chic!

There are some things accessories-wise that are just horrible to try to find.  One of them for me is always great python pieces that won't break the bank.  Well, GiGi Chic is here to take care of that!

GiGi Chic by Gail Carlson is an accessories company dedicated to making pieces that are high end, beautiful and normally nearly impossible to find.  Gail says that her inspiration for the line came when "I just couldn't find an accessory I liked that would punch up my basic outfits.  I need something that will go everywhere and always look great," so she started GiGi Chic in 2006.  Why does she use exotic skins like python?  "Well," she said, "leather is everywhere.  I wanted something different, something that would stand out, something that was rare.  Python is all of that."  Currently, GiGi Chic pieces are being featured on the Miami Fashion Week runway, as well as InStyle and Elle magazine.

One of GiGi Chic's big statement pieces for the spring is the Large Gold Python Cuff.  Let's face it, gold goes with almost everything.  When I asked Gail why she thought that this piece was what this spring was about, she explained "its classic enough to go with almost everything while being bold enough to really make an outfit."  That it is!  Python is one of those things that never really goes out of style and gold is such a staple color that it is great for any season.  Having had the chance to try it on, the cuff is legitimately comfortable and the gold is real so those of us with metal allergies can actually wear it--something that is really hard to find.

When I asked what was the hottest item in her line right now, Gail immediately answered that it was the City Lights clutch.  "Every woman needs a statement-making evening clutch and this one fits that bill while still being appropriate for a woman of any age."  The City Lights clutch is completely covered with Swarovski crystals and is the perfect size to carry your essentials for the evening without it being too large to be practical.  From experience, most Swarovski crystal clutches usually come off as tacky because they're either a weird shape or are just too bling-y, but what this one brings to the table is that it has more demure colors on it so it doesn't turn into a disco ball in your hand and it is a nice, basic and identifiable shape so you won't have to spend all evening explaining what it is.

Having watched this line for a while now, GiGi Chic is really on the rise!  Their pieces are consistently classic, well-made and beautiful.  Plus...on the website there is 20% off all python items with the discount code "May9" and a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree.

Pictures from GiGi Chic and (as usual) nothing was given in exchange for this interview.

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