Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Everything Is Wrong, Thanks To Marni

There are some days that you just want to have the right to tell someone "no, you're wrong.  I see right through you.  I don't like what I see.  Please stop talking."  But, that isn't always possible.  Today was one of those days.  To balance it out, I found some dresses to say "You're right" to.

This one is a light blue and silver Marni dress that is currently on sale on their website.  Its just...sweet.  The print is like houndstooth but with everything turned caddy-corner so it comes out looking traditional yet playful.  The color combination is so classic, that silver and blue combo has been popular since at least the Renaissance.  It certainly won't go out of style now.  What makes the dress really adorable is that ribbon that ties at the top of the back.  It completes the look perfectly and contrasts wonderfully.  The whole cut of the dress is nice, it isn't easy do to a shift with a gathered neck and have it avoid looking like a parachute or umbrella.  I tried finding the runway look to compare it to but there isn't one.  The dress is its own look entirely.  The print isn't even in the fall 2009 show, or the prefall show or the 2009 summer runway show.  I love that Consuelo knew that even though it didn't make the cut for the show that women would still love it and offered it for sale.  You're right, Conseulo.

Another dress is one of the looks from the Marni 2009 fall runway show.  Even though it is a winter look, something about it just feels reassuringly like spring is coming and that everything is going to be warm and growing soon.  The print is a classic looking vintage floral blown up larger than it ordinarily would have been used for a garment.  The cut of the dress has all of the seams to be a New Look dress but with different volume proportions, so modern yet referential to one of the highest points in women's wear design.  It is paired with accessories that it never would have been paired with in the golden age of Dior--a costume bib necklace, argyle tights and man-ish ski gloves.  It takes the look from looking like purely a reinterpretation of a classic look into its own, modern combination for a woman who enjoys the sprit of the past but isn't afraid to embrace the future or even to take what usually only is reserved for men.  You're right, Consuelo.

There, that makes me feel better.  Things balance out and there are things in the universe that are entirely right.

Top picture from Marni and bottom picture from Style


Alexandra said...

Very pretty! I could see you rocking this with some brighter accessories, to create a palette more akin to the second look. Peony pink shoes with a chunky heel, even a vivid green - lovely.

shoulderache said...


I think you're right--pink or green shoes and other bright accessories. Otherwise there's a risk of looking too sweet/renaissance-y.

Manuela N. Harper said...

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