Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jeggings: A Stupid Trend

There are some trends that I refuse to subscribe to.  Stuff like harem pants, counterfeit goods, Juicy suits.  Jeggings would be now another one of them.  What are "jeggings" you ask?  They are exactly what they sound like.  Basically, jeans as leggings.

I should state plainly, I don't like leggings.  I haven't worn them since I was a little kid.  There's an obvious reason--they aren't clothes and they aren't supposed to be worn when you're older than 10.  No one wants to see you wearing a skin-tight synthetic casing around your lower half.  Not seemly.  Not good.  Just don't.  That's why this whole jeggings thing disagrees with me.  People will now be using it as an excuse to wear something that they just shouldn't.

This is a pair of the offenders.  They are Paige Denim Verdugo Jeggings.  They're grey so they aren't probably the best idea even if they were real denim.  Now, I like denim.  Jeans are great, especially dark blue.  Grey, at least to me, looks like a trend that is nearly up and in a few months from now no one will make it.  I can't remember the last time I actually saw someone in person wearing grey jeans.  Grey jeggings is a combination of all that is wrong with each individual component.  Grey denim isn't particularly stylish, at least not any more.  Jeggings show every lump and sag that you never wanted to reveal to the world at large.  Now, you can have lower extremity coverings that are both unflattering and nearly done as a style!  Super.

Another offender is the J Brand Mid-Blue Denim Stretch Legging.  The pants that are no one's friend.  If these were normal denim, I'd like the wash.  Solid-blue jeans are classic and go with pretty much everything and are appropriate for basically everything.  Solid blue jeggings are not a good idea.  Leggings are a sure recipe for the much dreaded camel-toe.  I can't imagine how much more uncomfortable (for the wearer and the viewer) it would be in jeggings.

I realize that there are detractors that are sure this trend is the coolest thing this week.  I beg to differ.  Jeggings are at best something that Paris Hilton wears while jogging.  Notice how even Paris Hilton has the good sense to relegate them to merely athletic-wear.  That should probably be a hint.

Top pair is from Shop Bop and the second pair is from Net-A-Porter

And for more commentary about jeggings gone even more wrong, see my post about Pajama Jeans.  You know you wanna.


Alexandra said...

I tried on a pair of my old wide-leg, high-waisted 70s jeans from the mid-noughties the other day, and I was like "WHA? You mean my ass ISN'T the size of a deep freezer?" I've been wearing skinny jeans for so long I forgot that I didn't have to look like the Venus of Willendorf in pants. I could just wear non-skinnies and look proportionate.

Jeggings are the worst. I actually had a pair of grey jegging-ish jeans about 3 years ago, and they made me miserable. I wanted them to work so bad because Kate Moss rocked them but every time I wore them out I'd spend the whole night obsessing about my giant grey ass.

The message: screw trends unless they suit you.

shoulderache said...

I hear ya on the non-skinnies! Wearing pants that don't feel like saran-wrap has to be one of my favorite things.

I've come to realize something--if I see Kate Moss wearing it, it probably won't look good on me. I don't look good in boho stuff, I don't look good in jeggings, and I shouldn't be wearing a fedora. Or a sequin vest. The stuff she wears does no favors.

Anabel Fournier said...

I don't think I could ever wear one of those.... They do look good on some people but definitely not a trend for everyone.

soychild. said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I found your blog on ifb (Are you from AZ? so am I!)

I'm actually part of an online radio show for tweens and my co-host and I talked about how one should never, EVER wear leggings as pants. Apparently a few listeners were enraged and now want to call in while we're recording to argue with us... I mean, really?

I have a pair of high waist jeans/jeggings that I am sooo careful about when wearing. Long sweaters to cover my bum, frontal area checks, etc. It's not worth the upkeep!

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