Monday, March 1, 2010

Interview: Deborah Lindquist

Yes, I really did interview the woman herself!  The "Queen of Green" is one of the nicest designers I've ever met.  Deborah Lindquist is known as The Queen of Green because she's been making eco-friendly designs for over 10 years, before it was the new IT--and she knocks IT out of the park.

"Eco-friendly people are so sexy from all of the yoga and healthy eating and everything else that they do, why shouldn't they dress sexy too?"  Well, with Deborah's line, they can and do.  She's dressed The Pussy Cat Dolls, Sharon Stone and a whole variety of other celebrities.  The best part is, you'd never know it was all eco-friendly, recycled or organic unless someone told you.  She does "rockstar" in a way that any woman could wear it and look amazing--she designs her clothes to do the work for you.  Deborah knows that not all of her clients are performers, so she takes care to design pieces that can be paired with basics for an edgy yet appropriate outfit for a woman of any age.

"I love dressing confident women, and on what day is a woman more confident than her wedding day"--Deborah has slowly been incorporating bridal designs into her line.  It started because some of her clients kept asking for wedding gowns, and being client-centric that she is, Deborah obliged.  "I've found that eco-conscious women take that same aesthetic to their weddings--they don't want to harm the world on their happy day, and what better thing than a "green" wedding dress!"  Also, the wedding dresses usually aren't so over-the-top bridezilla that they can't be worn again, so not only are they made out of recycled materials, but they can actually be enjoyed again and again.

Deborah grew up in the farm country of the northern midwest and loved making costumes with vintage materials as a child.  She went on to attend Parsons in New York and shortly after moved to LA and launched her company.  As her career progressed, she always found herself drawn back to her inspirations as a child--vintage and antique wallpapers and fabrics.  Now, she reimagines those same prints from her childhood into appliques and screen prints for her designs.  The materials that she uses include old leather jackets, men's tweed blazers, recycled cashmere and vintage findings.  Everything is made in her LA studio with the greatest of care.  She also does custom work upon request.

Deborah Lindquist is sold at boutiques around the LA area such as Blue Planet, Fred Segal and Fleurt.  It is available online at and    The pictures are from

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