Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Geek Chic--Because Dressing Like a Librarian is Awesome!

The Milan AW 2010 shows are in full swing!  These are probably some of the most exciting shows because a lot of the design houses there are still independent, so the designers get to actually create their own visions instead of what corporate wants them to do.

Hands-down my favorite designer there is Marni.  Sure, some of the looks get really abstract and they actually produce the pieces that you look at on the runway and think "um, are we sure about this?"  But, the line always follows its own drum and I happen to like its beat.  This season featured lots of art-deco inspired flouce-things at the waist of blazers.  I can't see that really catching on with most women, or maybe just in a very toned down cut.  Nothing wrong with a high-fashion dream.

The best looks of the season were the geeky looks.  The classic sweaters with the fun necklace, nerdy glasses and unusual skirts.  Lovely!  The look in the photo is great--wearable, fun and practical with just that twist of interest to keep it from being the boring outfit every woman wears to work.  If you look closely, you see that the skirt has small box pleats near the bottom which completely changes its shape and vibe.  This outfit might not be a show-stopper but its something that Marni's fans will buy and actually wear, which in this economy is certainly a success!

picture from style.com

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