Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank The Heavens for Diane von Furstenberg!

I'm so tired of winter that I'm just not excited about all of the 2010 AW collections that have come out lately.  Thinking about them is a reminder that after 5 months of unpleasant cold it is now time to think about more unpleasant cold.  Blah.  Instead, its that time of year where I think most of us are looking out the window and thinking to ourselves "OMG, I MUST buy a new dress!!  Its almost the time of year where I get to wear cute stuff and be comfortable and this must be celebrated!"

Yes, indeed.  I just want to buy a cute, comfortable print dress that I can wear to work.  It needs to be flattering and I want it to be colorful.  Yet, it feels like every time I browse around to try and find something like that I fail--why is it that most designers are making solid and usually neutral colored dresses?  I don't want something solid, I don't want ruffles, I don't want a mini and I don't want sequins.  I want something normal.  I feel like the Princess and the Pea!  I was browsing around in my closet with a friend the other day and she pointed out that I must really like Diane von Furstenberg because I have tons of her dresses.  I've never really thought about it before, but it is true.  I LOVE DvF.  Pictured are my DvF dresses that aren't at the cleaners, that's a pretty good amount of stuff to have by just one designer.  The reason why I have so much of her stuff is simple.  She makes nice, normal, flattering dresses that I can wear to work and that's what I really want.  

After I thought about that, the dress that I want to buy now that I've got the spring shopping itch is quite straight forward. I want a print DvF wrap dress.  I've settled on the DvF Herringbone Wrap Dress--its flattering, work-friendly and the print makes me smile.  A close second is the Julian Leaf Print Dress for the exact same reason--its cute, flattering and I could wear it to work and feel great about it.  These dresses create a top, middle and bottom like Tim Gunn always stresses, they give you a defined waist, they're not boring and they are appropriate to wear to an office.  Home run!

 What I can't figure out is why Diane von Furstenberg is the only designer that really seems to get my memos I constantly send out asking "could you please make me a nice print dress I can wear while I sit at my desk?"  If you look at all of the high-profile designers that are always floundering, the one thing that they're always missing is a few dresses that their clients can buy and wear regularly.  Not everyone goes to parties everyday but most women need a normal, cute dress to leave the house in.  It isn't rocket science, folks.  And, it isn't a wonder that DvF reopened her studio--this is what women really want.

Top picture is my own and the other two are from Saks

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