Saturday, March 6, 2010

Camilla Skovgaard Needs to Reconsider Something.

Sometimes you need to call a spade a spade.  This is one of those times.  I realize that these shoes have been for sale for a while, but that isn't any excuse.  Camilla Skovgaard has made these moc-croc print "Leather Cut Out Heels" in orange.  They make me sad.

These shoes look like someone took some fugly, forgotten cowboy boots and cut them up and stuck them on a heel and called it "something to sell".  I appreciate the tread on them--that is interesting looking and remarkably useful.  No slips there.  The rest...the designer needs to rethink some things.  I live in the part of the world where people actively consider cowboy boots "appropriate attire" and these wouldn't fly.  I think they are ugly.

One reason is the height of the boot part of the shoe.  They are ankle-booties.  Ugh.  If you're going to make the jump into western wear, at least fully commit because no self-respecting cowboy boot wearer goes half way like that.  Next, it is the color.  Orange?!  Really?!  I guess if you're going to venture into the realm of the Ridiculous Unwearable, you may as well go all of the way.  Another reason is the moc-croc print in the leather.  I realize that cowboy books are sometimes made of crocodile...but they're made of REAL crocodile.  Not faked stamped leather.  In the world of the cowboy boot lover, stamped leather is a travesty.

It is sad--Camilla Skovgaard is capable of so much better!  Just look at her Zaha Open-Toe Booties--super cute, nice shoes.  And these...ugh, what was she thinking?  The only use I can see of them is to fug up a runway show and to be put on annoying celebs like Taylor Momsen.  In the future, more Zaha, less of this.  Please?!

Picture from Net-A-Porter

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