Friday, March 5, 2010

Maurizio Pecoraro--A Forgotten Designer

For some reason, there are always some designers who just never really catch on.  It isn't that there is anything wrong with them or that they aren't talented.  It is just one of those things.  Maurizio Pecoraro seems to be one of those.

He is an independent Italian designer that has his runway shows in Milan.  He's a big enough name to always have his shows on, which is more than most designers can ever say.  He makes great stuff, it always strikes me as a slightly saner (for the most part) version of Marni.  It always has some of the same design features, like mixed materials and interesting abstract prints and appliques.  For instance, the first picture is a look in his AW 2010 show--it has layering, openwork knit, interesting yet classic skirt, giant slouchy leather bag, mary jane heels, etc...  Its Marni for a normal person and it is entirely wearable.  Or at least I think so.

Maurizio Pecoraro obviously has talent--his runway looks are great and he was tapped to be the first designer at Vionnet for its revival.  Unfortunately, he released no designs during his 3 or so years at the fashion house (or on his own label)--for some reason this was blamed on the Iraq war.  Hmmmm.  I think part of the real problem is that this is one of those "almost" lines--this label is almost great, it just needs something more to push it over that final hump.  One of those things would be to quit confusing "evening look" with "must always have a million sequins".  Another would be to actually promote the line.  I'm a shopping fanatic and I'd absolutely love the buy the dress pictured.  It is from his SS 2010 collection and it is just lovely.  The problem is that even I, a shopping aficionado, have no idea where to find it.  In fact, I know nothing about Maurizio Pecoraro himself other than that he shows in Milan, worked at Vionnet for a while and his line finally made it somewhat into the fashion scene in 2003.  My emails for more information to the corporate office weren't answered and I can't figure out who the publicist for the line is.  I suspect that the lack of publicity might be the line's biggest problem of all.  Its very unfortunate.

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