Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Ice Queen Cometh, Chanel AW 2010 Runway Accessories

I'll be honest here.  I HATE winter!  Its horrible.  I hate it so much that I live somewhere that is normally hot as hell and I could normally cook dinner in my car (not an overstatement).  While I absolutely hate the weather, the fashions can be so fun!

With the 2010 AW runway shows in full-swing in Paris right now, I can't help but comment on what's coming for next winter.  According to Chanel, we get to be mythical ice queens.  That's not a bad plan--its a timeless, powerful female figure and she's normally got an awesome get-up.  One of my favorite pieces is the Chanel cuff pictured.  Its got the normal Chanel maltese cross on it, but what really makes it cool are the icicle crystals emanating out of it.  Its just so...statement-making.  Its iconic and classic enough to where it wouldn't be wearable for just next season, I can see if being appropriate to wear for seasons and seasons to come.

Another accessory from the 2010 AW runway show was the bag pictured.  Its so fun!  It has the classic Chanel leather ribbon through the chain and the quilting, yet it has an extra twist with the smudgy dip-dye sort of black on it.  One of the cool things is that the black isn't even--it is on the bottom, the bottom of the flap and around the hardware, so it doesn't look like it was just set down in tar or something.  Also, the black is strategically enough placed so that it is on the areas of the bag most likely to get dirty during use, so it should really cut down on angst about ruining the bag.  Its perfect for the woman who is attracted to the classic elegance of the Chanel line but also has a taste for the slightly mischievous.  Just like the at times, morally ambiguous Ice Queen of lore.

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Tiffany said...

I really dislike winter too I ask my mom all the time why do you leave the warm island of Barbados for this cold weather lol.

I really liked Chanel's collection too.

Tiffany (Beauty is Diverse)

kimberly said...
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