Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ebay Round-up!

I know, some people can't stand ebay.  But, I have to say that there are some great sellers and sometimes it literally is the only place in the world to find stuff.  Here's what I've come across today!

One of a kind Koi Suwannagate tank top.  It is hand sculpted by Koi, so it is basically a one of a kind piece made by her or her studio.  I'm not sure if she is the one physically doing the making or if she's directing her staff to do it on her behalf.  This is different than her ready to wear stuff that is sold in department stores--these are sold in a password protected area of her website.  Its so hard to find, so it is cool to see it for sale!

Embroidered TSE skirt.  I love this skirt, I think its adorable.  The embroidery is fantastic and TSE always makes great stuff.  Plus, its silk.  Its a can't-go-wrong kind of skirt.  Besides the listing price on this one is way super cheap, so it is a steal!

Vintage Pucci skirt.  This thing is insane.  It is a huge, full-length velvet Pucci skirt in vintage mint condition.  With 2 days left and no reserve its going for about $2.  Its stunning and about a size 4.  It is green with flowers and I'm seriously considering bidding because these things almost never come up for auction.  Its basically a museum piece and is amazing!

Prada Fairy shoes.  New in box Prada heels from the Fairy collection a few seasons ago--so pretty!  I absolutely loved that collection.  It was a perfect counter-balance to the world becoming an even worse mess.  It was so pretty up against everything so ugly.  These are size 7.5 and are in new condition.  They are the purple and green combo and come in that super cute box with the fairy characters.  Adorable!

Please note:  by posting this, I am not personally vouching for these sellers, but to the best of my knowledge the items linked on this page are authentic.

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Ire A said...

I never used to like ebay until I found some really amazing sellers nd now I'm hooked!

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