Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Body-Con Trend: Hope You Found Your Confidence!

There are some trends that just aren't for the shy.  The whole Body-Con Trend is one of those.  It stands for "body conscious" and translates to "wearing clothes that leave basically nothing to the imagination because they fit so snugly".  This trend has been up and going for a while.  In my fashion-following, the first time I remember seeing it was when Lindsay Lohan wore a rainbow Herve Leger bandage dress when she won the Maxim's Hottest Woman award.  Yes, once people thought that Lindsay was hot and not in the mess sort of way.

While the clothes for this trend can be incredibly unforgiving and may make you consider buying stock in the Spanx company, there are some ways to do without looking like a sausage.  One is the Herve Leger wool bustier.  It has all of the bandage seaming and snugness, but since it is made out of woven instead of knit fabric and is in bustier form, it actually has some structure.  Structure is your best friend if you don't look like Heidi Klum under your clothes because it does the work for you.

Another option for those of us who want our clothes to not just be trendy, but to flatter us is the Narciso Rodriguez black and white dress.  It has all of the hallmarks of a body-con dress--its tight, snug and has an exposed zipper (for some reason body-con also seems to go hand in hand with exposed zippers, dunno why).  But, it also has some "voodoo"--note the attached belt look going on.  It is done in such a way that makes the waist look slimmer.  Also, the stripes down the sides give the illusion of a smaller shape.  Basically, this dress is one heck of an optical illusion that is intended to make you look like you lost 20 pounds.

With the body-con trend still going strong, there is no reason not to participate even if you don't immediately think that you have the confidence to pull off a dress that looks like an ace bandage.  There are plenty of options out there that actually do flatter--why not give it a try?

Pictures from The OutNet


Joy said...

I absolutely love this trend. That NR dress is TDF. Thank you for posting about my new obsession.

shoulderache said...

Thanks! :-)

The NR dress is stunning--I've seen it in person and it doesn't disappoint. Its an obsession worth having!

Anonymous said...

I soo love bodycon pieces! Pretty much every dress I own is a bodycon one!


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