Friday, November 7, 2008

Follow The White Rabit!

 Sometimes Chanel can seem stuffy and tired, but there are times where Karl is able to pull out something that has the perfect amount of edge and fun!  This rabbit pin has just that!  It is a gold-tone and enamel Chanel pin in the shape of the cutest rabbit with a ribbon and logo-ed necklace.  

This pin would look so good by itself on the lapel of a classic suit or as part of a bijoux ensemble on a bag or dress.  The fun part of the pin is that it is so unexpected--it isn't a giant mound of strass or a flower, instead it is an adorable little bunny.  Not, just any bunny, it is a white rabbit, while for all of his innocent looks can also be used as a cheeky double-entandre for some not so savory activities...  But, who cares?!  It is Chanel!

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