Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The New Plaid

Plaid is one of those ultra-classic prints that has been around for, well, who knows.  Suffice it to say "a very long time".  It never goes out of style because it is truly tried and true.

But, fashion is all about pushing the boundaries and that can mean reinterpretations of classics.  In this case, the reinterpretation of plaid.  It is no longer simply the overlapping lines signifying various British clans, instead not only new colors are being injected, but also new shapes.  

All of the designers are doing it now--Vivienne Westwood added gradient patterns in her glenplaid, Marni is making it watercolor and now Alexandre Herchcovitch is adding ink spots.  While plaid is normally made up of lines, but the
 addition of new shapes is exciting and fun!  While the dress from Fall 2008 looks like the lines are curved, it is the cut of the dress.  But, that really gives the dress its excitement is that if you look closely, there are different shapes in with the plaid.  They blend in perfectly but give it that extra unusual touch to make it memorable and beautiful!

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