Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zero Isn't the Loneliest Number!

In the world of fashion, things are always changing.  But, one thing that remains constant is the appreciation of superior craftsmanship.  And, well, the one has it down!  I'm talking, of course, about Maria Cornejo and her line Zero + Maria Cornejo!!  Maria hails from Argentina, but grew up in London and currently lives in the US.  

Her line is all her with no added gimicks, just like the name suggests.  What she is really known for is her expert draping and attention to small details.  This is not the designer for you if you are all about loud, flashy stuff covered with names.  Instead, this is for the woman who wants a garment that will speak for itself and say "I know what I'm doing, I'm confident and feminine!"  The line always includes classic lush velvet, draped sack dresses and contrasting appliques.  And, it is always perfect for any occasion!

Recently, Maria was featured in VOGUE USA as an up-and-coming designer.  She currently shows in London.  Her garments can be purchased at a variety of boutiques and at her website at

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