Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beautiful Quirks!

Japan is easily one of the most fashion forward places on earth.  Accordingly, it has a large number of designers that do some of the most amazing, fashion forward work!  

Tsumori Chisato is one of these top-notch Japanese designers.  She is known for her style that combines fantasy with Japanese fashion-forward esthetic.  Tsumori attended the Bunka fashion school and previously designed under Issey Miyake.  Her line is part of the A-Net conglomerate of the Miyake company.  

The signature look for Tsumori Chisato is the dress.  Her dresses aren't "just a dress", instead they are both fantasy and details that stand out from the crowd.  For instance, this dress from the FW2008 show is at the same time wearable, interesting and chic.  Everything that Tsumori stands for!

Due to the popularity of Tsumori Chisato, it is HEAVILY faked, so pay close attention when you are buying anything from the line.

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