Monday, November 17, 2008

The Clock Is Right Again

There is a saying that a broken clock is still right twice a day.  Well, I think that the same can be said about vintage--it was right once and eventually it will be right again.  And, right now is a great time for vintage to be right again!  There is lots of great vintage around, but it is either in poor condition, hard to find or very expensive.  But, there are a number of websites that do offer vintage in excellent condition, reasonably priced and edited in such a way to where you really could wear any of it again today.  One of those places is

Vintageous has an extensive array of vintage dresses--all of which appear to be of excellent quality and in styles that are just AWESOME!!  The pink vintage Oscar de la Renta dress is one of my favorites.  The colors are going to be super ho
t in a few months, the style is flattering and cute and totally wearable!  It may be 
old, but you could wear it today and it would be super current!  Best ever!

One of the coolest parts of the site is the vintage eyewear selection.  Vintage eyewear is pretty hard to find, especially in the styles that they carry.  Glasses like these are super hot right now--just look at the last few Marni collections!  Not only do they have a wide variety t
o choose from, but their prices aren't ridiculous!

I normally don't blather on about how good someone's store is, but this one seems
 like a real winner!  

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