Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Party Time

The holidays are quickly looming and even though the economy is down, it still means that it is party time!  And, well, of course party time means time for new dresses!!

Vera Wang makes some of the coolest party dresses.  Sure, she is known for bridal wear, but on her lavender label, she manages to put out some of the most stylish party dresses for much lower prices than most other designers.  

This dress is the coolest updated version of the sexy red party dress!  It has that rich red that just oozes glamour and sexy, but it is paired with classic black and grey for contrast.  That contrast and pairing is super chic right now.  And, it also has that jeweling that is insanely stylish right now, reminiscent of Lanvin party dresses for a small fraction of the price.  

Wearing this dress to a holiday party would be so fun--and I bet that the woman who does wear it will be the most stylish woman in the room!

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