Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Lazy Man's Clothes

Sunao Kuwahara--this self-titled clothing line is one of Japan's hottest right now!  The designer Sunao Kuwahara may describe himself as "lazy" but I highly doubt that anyone else feels that way.  

Sunao Kuwahara is part of the A-Net clothing company owned by Issey Miyake, as Sunao previously designed on Issey's line for about a decade.  Japanese fashion houses have a habit of allowing designers in their company to start their own lines under the umbrella of the major designer.  This way, they have plenty of support and credibility and there is less risk.  This also leads to concentrations of great design and ideas that morph into some of the most spectacular clothes!

The line is in keeping with other A-Net lines--young, fresh and avant-garde.  The shapes and color combinations are unusual but totally wearable, particularly for the young woman who wants to stand out and have h
er own voice.  One of the interesting aspects is that Sunao hopes that the women who wear his clothes are able to keep them for a long time and truly enjoy them--which is why the clothes aren't the sort that are going to go out of style any time soon!

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