Friday, November 21, 2008

Tisci Time!

The fashion house Givenchy has not had a good time for the last decade and a half.  And, it isn't for lack of desire by the fashion world to see it succeed.  Instead, it has been the lack of a head designer who can carry through a vision that is both traditional Givenchy but modern in every way.

Everyone had such high hopes in Julian McDonald when he took over the house.  He assumed the helm to much fanfare and to-do but in the end, he quietly slunk out without really ever putting out a collection anyone liked but him.  

Finally, Mr. Tisci has come to the helm of Givenchy.  He didn't arrive with the same sort of publicity.  Instead, he has let the clothes speak for his talent and vision.  The last few collections have gotten better and better to the point now that the house is routinely putting out once-in-a-lifetime gowns that Hubert de Givenchy himself would be proud of!

This black gown is Tisci for Givenchy and absolutely stunning!!  It is flattering, sexy, demure, and delightful!  A dream in tulle and exactly what Audrey Hepburn would wear to the red carpet if she was a young woman today.  Hopefully this dress is just the beginning of what Givenchy is going to put out in the coming years!

Picture courtesy of ebay seller ricysue.

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