Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something To Clutch On To

The Milan fall shows are going on right now--horray!!  Of course, because they are fall/winter they can be pretty drab.  Mostly colors of black, grey and brown and heavy.  Nothing wrong with that, but I'm a spring person!

The Fendi fall show had the standard fall colors--grey and black.  But, it also had the most magnificent splashes of color!  Lime, teal and pink!  Hopefully that means this fall is going to be littered with happy colors--we have enough drab things going on in the world without having to only wear black.

The splashes of color in the Fendi show were in the accessories, and primarily in the bags.  The bags were like little square birds of a paradise in their colors!  The pink one pictured is heavenly!  It is whimsical and the perfect size for a clutch.  And, the color is one of those classic colors that is predictably always wearable.  Hopefully it goes into production!

Picture from style.com

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