Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Way to Stand

There are only so many ways to create and decorate a moderately wearable shoe.  But, some of the best designers are finding cool new ways to decorate them!

The FW09 Dries van Noten show was pretty blah.  It looked like poorly reworked several seasons old Marni.  Not awful, but nothing that will make me lay awake at night dreaming of it.  Far and away, the best part of the show was the shoes.

What really made the shoes cool was the creative decoration of the bottom arches of the shoes.  In the one pictured, it is done in matching python!  Generally, that is the most neglected part of the shoe, normally just plain leather except in a very few other designer's work.  It is cool to see Dries thinking of new ways to rethink fashion items!  Now, if only the rest of the collection was as exciting...

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