Sunday, March 8, 2009

All Wrapped Up

There was some talk a season or two ago that the Wrap Dress is out.  DvF, the fairy godmother of the Wrap even basically stopped making them.  Some blogs were calling them "frumpy" and that they made women look like sad middle-aged housewives.

Happy to see that the WRAP IS BACK!!  DvF even put out a whole slew of them this season!  They come in almost every style and print imaginable!  What makes the wrap so flattering on most women is that it gives a very defined waist, creating a top, middle and bottom of the figure.  

The dresses pictured is a personal favorite.  They style name is "Jenny" in "vintage patch" print.  The print seems to be a collage of previous DvF prints!  The dress is cut beautifully and the print is unquestionably DvF.  So perfect for spring!

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