Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The New Shoulders & Balmain Resurrected

Lately, fashion is starting to re-imagine the 1980's.  So far it hasn't been a wonderful thing.  The 1980's were not kind to fashion.  It was a fugly explosion of neon, rhinestones and shoulder pads.  Ick.  And, not the least flattering.

Balmain has just released a blouse with re-imagined 1980's shoulder pads.  For some reason, in the 1980's shoulder pads were somehow conflated with "power".  Heaven help as to why that could ever be.  But, in the reimagining of these power shoulders, Balmain has turned the power from corporate power to super hero power!

The shoulders on this blouse look like they would be more appropriate on a female superhero!  It is surprisingly fun!  Sure, this blouse is not practical in the least.  It is very high fashion.  But, somewhere there are women who have somewhere to wear this.  And, it is fun to see designers take old trends and revise them into something that kinda pokes fun at itself and is pop culturally relevant.  After all, with all of the super hero movies around why not dress like one?!

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