Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rose Wonder

Tomas Maier is a spectacular designer!  He is one of the few designers that can pull off a wonderful collection without prints and only with a handful of colors.  

Not only does Tomas design under his down name, but he is also the lead designer for Bottega Veneta.  This most recent collection for FW09 is so...relaxing!  The color scheme is black, beige and a lovely dusty rose.  The rose color is the perfect shade--it flatters most skin tones and doesn't look like it is from some bad shabby chic display.  

The FW09 collection not only centered around some classic colors, but also some wonderful shapes!  The whole thing looked like what Grace Kelly in her prime would wear if she were alive today.  Oh, just delicious and flattering!  Here's to hoping that more designers follow suit!

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