Friday, March 6, 2009

Falling for Draped

There are some designers that just do some things beautifully.  One of those is Zero + Maria Cornejo.  As I've previously blogged about, Maria Cornejo is a master at draping.  She manages to turn fabric into a beautiful masterpiece.

Her FW09 collection did not disappoint--she still has her touch!  There were plenty of draped dresses, blouses and skirts to keep every draping-junkie happy.  Not only that, but she also ventured into using some print!  It is so great to see such a master designer take risks and carry their talents to a new level!

The dress pictured is this season's version of a dress that she does every season--a draped sack dress.  But, the dress is not just any sack, it is something more.  What that something more is stylish and flattering--even though it is a sack it doesn't look unfortunate, instead it looks fashion forward.  And, it looks wearable by a woman of any age.  It is just spectacular!

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