Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Things Are Just Wrong

There are some things that look great in runway shows and store displays, but don't always work out in reality.  One would be Marni's peep-toe platform boots.  It isn't that they are bad in and of themselves, but boy, with the wrong outfit it is just a mess!

What I am specifically speaking of is the disaster of a combination as exhibited by Mariah Carey that appeared on  Wow, is that no good!  The whole leggings/tights the same color as the boots with the most neutral and boring of outfits just isn't nice.  And, the boots appear to be too big or of a length that just don't look right.  

I get that boots like this were produced by a number of designers.  They have the potential to be great.  But, please, make sure you pair them with an actual outfit and that they look like they fit you!

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