Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ocean of Ideas

Sometimes there are designers that are so interesting and unconventional that their work is more like artwork instead of just something to wear.  A major player in the realm of wearable art is the design group ThreeAsFour.

ThreeAsFour was originally "AsFour", but in 2005 one member left the company due to personal problems.  The three remaining designer
s have continued making their unconventional ideas come to life.  They generally collaborate with major icons like Bjork and Kate Spade.  In recent years, they released a small collection called As FourKateSpade, which included textiles and clothing.  They also frequently use Kate Spade shoes in their shows--probably not what you would expect for super avant-garde fashion designers, but they always defy expectations!

The trio design out of their New York studio and show in New York Fashion Week.  But, they are also known for their very unconventional ways of exhibiting their clothing.  Because they don't just make clothing, but rather all manner of artwork, they are well-known for exhibiting in major museums and other artistic avenues.  

The trio are well-known for their circle-shaped bags and circle-seamed coats, such as ones worn by "Samantha" on SEX AND THE CITY.  They derive much inspiration from nature and in their SS09 collection, even had cut-away sea shell ornaments on their clothing as decorations and clasps.  

Pictures from threeasfour.com

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