Friday, January 16, 2009

Shiny Pretty Things!

In the realm of jewelry there are usually two kinds--cheap costume and expensive real stuff.  The middle ground of do-able priced jewelry with high-quality metals and stones is extremely hard to find.  And, usually if they can be find they either have the world's smallest stones or are incredibly cheaply made.

That is what makes so cool!!  The prices are incredibly reasonable and half the time there is a great discount code available too!  They have stuff of every stone and design to go with just about everything.  Even diamonds!  What really makes it cool is that they will do custom orders, especially for weddings or other events and at a discount.

The earrings pictured at green prehnite and pearls--the ear findings and metal are up to you!  These earrings are absolutely beautiful in person--I know because I wear them all the time!

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