Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2008 is finally done!  Horray!!  And, in its place is (a hopefully better) 2009.  It is a blank slate and a chance to do something new.  A chance to explore new ideas, make new memories and embrace new hopes.  Enjoy the newness and use it wisely!

Out of any designer, I think Hussein Chalayan is one who is always reaching forward, striving to embrace new ideas and hopes.  I know, many of his pieces are pure fantasy like the dress pictured.  But, that doesn't detract from their beauty and inspiration.  Just because you can't wear the dress to an event doesn't mean that it can't inspire your outfit and attitude.  

Take a cue from Chalayan and look towards this year with strength and dignity and don't be afraid to embrace your inner superhero--may your new year be full of beautiful prints, happiness and butt-kicking!

Picture from ss09 at

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