Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mystery to Me

There are many things about fashion that I just don't get.  Stuff like harem pants, pointy shoes and countless other things.  You can add the Longchamp "pilage" bag to it.  I know, "it fits everything" and "is waterproof".  But, seriously, it is the most boring bag ever.  

The first time I really noticed it was the other day on an episode of WHAT NOT TO WEAR.  Stacy wrested it from a lady and pronounced it "not good enough" and I totally agree.  It is just fine to cramming full of stuff to throw in your car trunk for in the event of an emergency.  But, it just isn't a style object nor chic enough to be considered as a bag to use every day.  The things that people seem to love it for are things that all bags do--hold stuff and repel water (well, a good many bags do this anyway).  But, seriously now, you can do better.

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