Thursday, December 4, 2008

Au Revoir, La Difference!

'Tis a sad day indeed--one of the world's biggest retailers is stuttering their US retail website!  Yes, that is right. is in liquidation!  

PPR is a French conglomerate which owns a variety of companies, such as Puma, Gucci and Redcats.  Redcats is the corporation which runs La Redoute and a number of other similar mail-order fashion companies.  Currently, PPR has run into financial difficulties and sold off their Printemps department store and is internally reorganizing the rest of their holdings.

24% of La Redoute's sales are in the US and the company has issued a press-release recently declaring that they are revamping and rethinking their web presence to strengthen their positio
n in the market place.  It is unclear if the liquidation of the us branch of the website is to simply do away
 with it or to clear out old product in anticipation of the relaunch of the site.  La Redoute is not listed as an 
American version of their brands nor on any of their strategy for the American market place.  Instead, there is language about focusing on plus-size retail, which currently is part of the La Redoute sizing scheme.  

Only time will tell if La Redoute is merely reorganizing to expand its American presence or shuttering its operation completely.  But, I think all of their fans agree that it would be a sad day indeed when they can no longer order $10 skirts and $3 silk camisoles, not to mention their wonderfully-priced designer exclusives!

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