Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a Bad Idea!

Just because something is declared to be "IT" doesn't it is a good idea.  One of these new ideas that just shouldn't be is harem pants.  Why oh why oh why???

Harem pants--leave them in the store.  It doesn't matter what a great deal they are and who made them.  They look good on no one.  They flatter nothing.  Just a bad idea.  They eternally look like sad, saggy butt.  I don't care who says you should buy them, they are hopelessly wrong.  

This pair pictured is by Alexander McQueen.  Sure, he has many great ideas and wonderful designs.  But, he can't be right all the time.  This pair of pants is a great case-in-point.  Unless you have the weirdest rise in the universe, these pants will make you look like you have on the saddest adult diaper.  

Harem pants--JUST DON'T.

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