Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prints for the Pretty

One of the most disappointing things about winter is that everything seems to be solid, dark colors.  While a plain black coat might go with everything, it just isn't all that exciting.  Print coats are so hard to find and if they do turn up, they are either in dated prints or in horribly unflattering cuts.  Ugh.

Well, the designer Barbara Tfank has stepped in and made something for us print-philes!  In her fall 2008 collection that she showed in New York, she showed a variety of super cute coats in PRINTS.  And, not just some tacky toile, but super chic oversized floral!  First, the cut of the jacket is classic, flattering and universally stylish.  And, the print is so current and feminine!  Delish!!!

One of the things that really draws me to this coat isn't just the coat--it is the styling of the whole look.  It is retro-inspired without looking dated or like the designer is trying too hard.  The whole look just comes off as so effortless and stylish!

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