Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saunders at Target!

Target's GO INTERNATIONAL line is so cool!  It gives great publicity to designers that usually don't get a tremendous amount of attention.  And, sometimes the pieces are something I really covet.  This quarter, the featured designer is Jonathan Saunders, a British designer known for his crazy use of color and sleek lines.  His Target offering though just doesn't look quite like what he is known for.  That is too bad--I was really hoping that there would be color-block dresses and skirts with interesting cuts.  Instead, it just looks like mall-clothes.  Granted, nothing terrible, but nothing that is going to make me line up in front of the store and beat people out of the way.  

This dress was my favorite piece--totally wearable and with a flattering cut.  Hey, not bad for less than $50!

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