Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lanvin by Castillo--The Fabric of Dreams!

Vintage gowns are a thing of wonder!  This gown is a vintage 1950's Lanvin couture gown designed by Castillo.  It is pink silk with an under skirt so it hangs so wonderfully.  The dress has so many special touches--the open back, the full skirt, the neckline.  It truly is special and worthy of being collected or worn to your most special moments.

What makes vintage gowns so special is the attention that was paid to their details--the tags on the inside of the dress are hand-signed by the designer.  The dress was specially made for a client.  Just imagine what events the dress has gone to!  

Good design never goes out of style and this dress is a prime example.  It is just as stylish now was it was back when it was first imagined.  Nothing is as luxurious as these vintage gowns--specially made, one of a kind and made with the sort of artistry that very few garments are made with now!  Not to mention, for the price of one of these works of art is less than a mass-produced RTWdress!

Picture courtesy of the ebay seller hg-london

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