Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Azlon: Fabric of the Future?

In the world of fashion there are all sorts of interesting textiles!  One of those is "azlon".  I know, it sounds like some sort of space-invader with bad intentions.  Space creature it is not, instead it is a durable fabric made from synthesized proteins!

It is made in the UK and usually from soy proteins, but sometimes it is from milk, corn or peanut proteins.  Those proteins are reprocessed and eventually made into a durable and soft thread which can be woven into all sorts of materials.  

The idea of clothes from soy isn't new.  Heck, Henry Ford is widely known to have worn suits made of soy fibres!  It is easy to grow, durable, washable and very soft.  Many of the garments that say that they are made with "soy" are actually Azlon.

With the "greening" of the fashion industry, I think that there will be wider use of materials like azlon.  So, if you see some, don't be afraid to try it!

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