Monday, July 13, 2009

Foot Fetish

One of the odd things about Prada is that for some reason over the past maybe 3-5 years their Resort collections are always their best of the year.  I have no idea why that is.  Maybe because Resort is really about dressing women for when they are out having fun and being themselves and that is what inspires Miuccia the most.  Frankly, I don't know.

Prada's Resort 2010 collection gives me lots to say.  It all boils down to the cold hard fact of I WANT IT.  They did themselves proud.  

The shoes for the collection are spectacular.  The ones with leather flowers are cute, feminine and wearable.  They are fun and would look equally well with a black dress as with a print skirt and comfortable top.  While they are close to the shoe collection that they put out under their MiuMiu label a few seasons ago, there has been enough tweeking with the shoes to where one could own both those previously made ones and these without feeling like it was simply deja-vous.  And, the nice thing is that they are aren't terribly trendy so they could easily be worn several years from now without it being an issue.  Now, that is something to be excited about!

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