Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where Does The Fox Hide?

One of the biggest popular motifs in pop culture lately has been the fox.  I'm not really sure why!  Foxes are native to most of the world so nearly every corner of the globe knows the fox.  Interestingly, they are almost universally associated with cunning.  In Finnish folktales, the fox outsmarts his predators.  In Japan, foxes are shape-shifters and if you watch their weddings, time forgets you and you wake up years after they catch you.  

In Pre-Fall 2014, foxes were still going strong as a motif.  My favorite so far is by Tsumori Chisato.  Beautiful black and white dress covered by embroidery and embellishment but still looks classic enough where it should be able to be worn for years.  It reminds me of Victorian-era embroidery.  But, if you look closely...there's a fox sneaking in the meadow.  Can you find it?

I know, it is silly, like a "where's Waldo?" on a dress, yet i find it oddly clever--when was thelast time you had a dress where you saw something new if you looked closer and paid attention?  This way you can have your fox now but won't look passe' in a few years when we've moved on to something else.

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