Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014, I Hope You Improve

So, I wanted to do a Happy New Year post that was all cheery and bright and then I came across the photo below.  It is a look from Anne Valerie Hash's 2014 Spring/Summer show.  It looks like a bad ice skater ensemble.   I look at it and worry.  One cannot be cheery and bright while worrying that the fashion gods want you to wear that.

Yes, celebrating the Olympics is great.  Go team!  Just because they are coming up does not mean that we need to look like the ice skater trying to impress the fashion-challenged Russian judge.  There is no good time or place to wear this outfit other than Halloween.  It is just bad all around from the gulaboi blue to the placement of the color panels to the stripes on the leg portion.  Are those pants?  Sigh. 

I hope that 2014 improves to the point that the models start to look happy and the fashion gods find us something flattering to wear!

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Clare said...

I would love to see a smiling model!

Happy 2014!

Tweet Tweet xx

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