Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: A Retrospective

2010 was an okay year for fashion.  There were some very clear trends.  Not necessarily my favorite, but none of the designers asked my opinion!

One major trend was SEQUINS.  God knows why.  They do no one any favors.  For some reason, everyone wanted to either look like they themselves were a giant disco ball or that they were at least carrying one.  To the right is the Louis Vuitton AW 2010 bag that best illustrates this--Marc Jacobs, for whatever reason, took a perfectly great exotic skinned bag and coated the main part of it with black sequins.  Hmmmm.  Is it just me, or is this bag going to be quickly pawned off on little nieces or sold on ebay when people come to their senses?

See, what makes me dislike sequins so much is not only the fact that they look cheap and shiny.  Its that they don't last.  They fall off.  They break.  It's totally defeats the purpose of investing in some wonderful piece of fashion.  Bah humbug!!

Another trend were the DRAPED SWEATERS.  Not so bad!  The one on the left is by FrostFrench and is a nice cashmere blend.  Sure, many people appreciate buttoning their sweaters, but there is something nice about a well-draped sweater.  This trend won't go on forever, but it's like everyone jumped on the Rick Owens bandwagon and considering I love Rick Owens, I'm okay with this.  It's interesting, its comfortable and it at least feels like fashion instead of some of the cheap looking dreck that comes out regularly.

One of the other major trends was to put BOWS on everything.  Personally, I hate bows.  Yuck.  Bad childhood memories of turtleneck shirts and skirts that my mother made me wear.  But, apparently everyone loves the things.  The Lanvin Printemps 2010 one pictured isn't so bad.  Alber Elbaz has at least stuck it on the shoulder where it sorta blends in with the draping of the dress.  So, it can be done in a less offensive manner so even someone like me with childhood trauma will consent to wear it.  But, it's one of those trends best done in moderation.  And, considering that it's just a trend and not any sort of "staple", make sure none of your investment pieces have it--my guess is that sometime over the next few seasons, you're going to find yourself pointing and laughing at people festooned with bows and you'll want a clear conscience that you don't secretly have a closet full of the stuff!

2010 wasn't so bad.  There was a lot of new talent on the scene, it felt like more so than in previous years.  The kind of innovation that they bring is fun and great for fashion!  Luckily, there were minimal amounts of things that I saw that were outright shameful (other than JEGGINGS.  I don't count those as clothes) and lets hope that they new year brings many more fun, beautiful and elegant things!

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