Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time To Bail Out?

While banks and other companies around the world are being bailed out by various governments, is the fashion industry getting one too?

The answer is .....YES!!  Italian fashion houses are hurting and since they are such a large part of the Italian economy and industry, the government has decided to grant them assistance.  Not every country is doing this, as in most places the fashion industry is merely considered a frivolity and unimportant.  Could you imagine explaining to the average midwestern taxpayer that Carolina Herrera needs a bailout?  But, in Italy fashion is such a part of history and employs so many people that if it were to go under it would be a national crisis.  

And, hopefully this means that the Italian government does not get a say in what walks down the runway--just imagine if government ministers were allowed to design Ferre' dresses!

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