Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Fashion

Politics can be extremely controversial but one thing isn't--Michelle Obama is one of America's top style icons.  You don't need to agree with her to admire the way that she dresses.  

Michelle is in the public eye daily and does an excellent job of dressing herself in a manner that shows off her figure while being modest and appropriate.  And stylish.  She's a mother and a wife and a professional and she does it with style.  What really makes her style so great is that she shops at normal stores and incorporates trends into her outfits without looking crazy or inappropriate.  

One of the great things that Michelle is doing for fashion is supporting lesser-known American designers instead of the standard St. John or Oscar de la Renta of First Ladies past.  She is helping new voices and ideas be heard, exactly what fashion is all about.  Her first 100 days as First Lady are done and without a single major fashion faux pas or dowdy episode.  Her popularity is rising and she has many days ahead to show off even more exciting fashion moments!

Picture of Michelle Obama with designer Maria Pinto.

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