Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Day of Love

Alas, the international day of love has arrived.  Many relationships over the years fizzle and die.  But, there are some that continue to live and bloom, with many happy years ahead.  

For me, that is my relationship with Marni.  Sure, men come and go but the constant is the shrine to my love of Marni living in my closet.  The fun prints, the bright colors, the fun cuts!  Oh, there are some loves that are worth having!

This spring, Marni definitely worth loving.  The sleeveless vest is the pink coat from fw2008 reinterpreted, the belt is a new version of a perennial Marni classic.  The necklace is the new version of the Marni statement-necklace.  The t-shirt is fun Marni t-shirt that anyone could wear.  And, of course, the skirt is a revisioning of a Marni print from a few seasons ago.  Needless to say, the shoes, bag and glasses are fun, wearable and instantly feminine.  Ah, love in textile form!

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