Monday, February 9, 2009

Contrasting Beautifully

There are some color combinations that just work.  One of those combinations is green and beige.  Yes, beige is the most boring of colors, but it works wonderfully as a background to contrast more interesting colors and prints.  

A blouse that captures this beautifully is the "Sophia" blouse by Karen Zambos.  It has just the right shades of green and beige in the perfect proportions.  On the front, the bulk of the shirt is green and on the back, the bottom strip is green and the bulk of the shirt is beige.  This combination is interesting, unusual and beautiful!

This shirt would be great to wear with jeans, as pictured.  But, it is basic enough to look great with a printed skirt or with a suit.  It is pretty and interesting while being completely wearable and fun!

Picture from, currently on sale

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