Thursday, January 13, 2011

Materials Management Relief Corps--Fashion Gives Back

Fashion gets a bad rap that it is all superficial and doesn't really contribute to the things in society that matter.  That's entirely not true!  A great example of that lately is Paul Sebring, fashion photographer, who stepped up and is making a difference in Haiti.

Paul Sebring owned a photography company, Sebring Photography, in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and was climbing the ranks.  He was photographing the likes of Avril Lavigne, Noelle Wheeler, Mark Salling of Glee, Julianne Hough, and Doug Reinhardt.  Paul was really starting to establish himself and make a name in the fashion world.  It had been a long, hard road but it was really starting to go somewhere.

Paul Sebring knew as soon as the earthquake in Haiti happened that he needed to go and help.  He had no idea what that help was going to look like, other than it was going to be hard, messy and going to take some commitment.  When he first went in 2010, he was just supposed to be there for 3 weeks.  He didn't put his stuff in storage, he didn't cancel his lease, he just went on a short term aid project.  But, once he was there, he knew that he had found his passion.  Once he was back in the US, he quickly started working on starting his organization with Paul Waggoner known as Materials Management Relief Corps--MMRC.

Big Paul (Paul Sebring) and Little Paul (Paul Waggoner) saw that there was a huge void in the delivery of aid services in Haiti--there was no one to transport and distribute the aid materials.  Aid poured in from around the world, but it was sitting in warehouses and tarmacs and not in the hands of those who needed it.  MMRC's mission is to transport goods and people around Haiti for the better delivery of humanitarian services.  They aren't looking to make a profit, they're looking to make a difference.  They've encountered some major obstacles in their path so far, like their vehicles breaking down and Paul Waggoner being arrested on charges of using voo-doo to steal children.  Paul Waggoner was released and cleared of charges and donors have stepped in to help have the vehicles be repaired.

With the one year anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake having come and gone and it looks like nothing much happened.  But, that's not because people haven't stepped up and help.  MMRC has helped rescue orphans, provide medicine and save countless lives.  People in the fashion industry DO care about the world and are just as willing as anyone else to step up and help.

Photos from Big Paul's Blog.  Don't be afraid to contact MMRC and ask how you can help!


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